Home Security Ideas That Work

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Our Dangerous World

If you turn on the news, you really quickly see how dangerous our world is becoming. It isn’t even regular crime but disrespectful crime like home invasions and other wild foolishness. I’m sure that you are looking for ways to protect your home and the idea of a home security system sounds good to you. Well, in this article we will discuss home security and what it really means. This is an interesting and important topic so please take the time to read this article.

Target Hardening

One term that we always use is target hardening. We use this term because it describes all the efforts that are done to keep property and people safe. It is a model that strives to deter criminals from attempting to disrupt a property. At its most basic level, it is as simple as putting a security company sign in your yard and broadcasting to would be criminals that your home is not a good target. At level two, you make it so that your house physical looks like a bad target. This means cutting back bushes and removing hiding spaces. Level 3 is about physically protecting your property with locks, burglars bars and even a dog, the appearance that someone is always home. Level 4 is your security system that warns them that they don’t have much time and the cops are on the way. Level 5 is you and everything that you are willing to do to stop a bad guy.

Alarm System

You must put deep thought into how you will setup your alarm system and you must think like a criminal. Too often people skimp on their system and do not cover all areas of the house. For example, not having sensors on 2nd level windows. Criminals could get access to a bedroom and take everything in it with out the alarm triggering. Protect all zone and get cellular and batter backup.

Great Locks

Get high quality locks and doors that are hard to defeat. Have them professional installed and have door supports placed in that will make it really hard to kick down your door as home invaders love to do. You do not need to do all these things at one time, you could tackle everything one step at a time but do try to have your home as secure as possible.


Cameras can scare away criminals because they might fear that they are being watched and recorded. Cameras are a great tool and they let you know what is going around you at all times, even when not at home. I like them for answering the door without walking in front of the door. It makes you a lot safer and gives you evidence of what happens around your home.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you should do to protect your home and most can be done inexpensively. So have at it and start securing your home and making it criminal proof.



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